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General Conduct Rules Empty General Conduct Rules

Post by Joe Joerson on Tue Apr 19, 2016 7:46 pm

Forumotion: All forumotion rules still apply. These are rules you agreed to when you created your account.

Spamming: Whether in the form of regular posts or OOC, this is not tolerated. Please, if you notice something wrong, alert the moderators instead of posting in the thread yourselves.

Flaming: Absolutely NOT tolerated in any form, or at any time. If you are having a problem, or another person does something you don't agree with, Then put on your big boy pants and address it in a civilized manner. If a person has been giving you grief and you're fed up with it-- DON'T RETALIATE-- Instead, alert one of the moderators so that they can address the problem as quickly as possible. Attacking the person back will result in you receiving punishment as well. It should be noted that flaming over PM wont save you either-- If you are a victim of this, don't hesitate to come forward. If you are able, please screenshot the evidence of the flaming and send it to a moderator.

Bullying: It is not tolerated. If a person is upset, then you should have enough common sense to know when to just drop it. All cases of bullying will be decided by the appropriate Moderator, in conjunction with other moderators, as to appropriate punishment.

Advertisement: Do NOT Advertise products of any company or organization without Moderator permission. Do NOT Advertise other websites without moderators permission.

Multi Posting: When certain circumstances are met, such as the thread creator wanting to split up their first few posts into separate pieces, or a person wanting to divvy up gratuitous amounts of text into separate posts for special purposes, we will allow double posting. However, if your entry is seven lines at best and you're only adding a minuscule amount to your previous post.... just edit the new content into your previous post.

Grammar: Please make an effort to use normal English grammar and language. Leet-speak and sms abbreviations and their like, will not be looked upon favorably. Using normal English is common courtesy as not all users are native English speakers.

Courtesy: Treat your fellow members as the Human Beings they are, please use courtesy and forethought at all times. Know that the roleplayer and character may be different in both views and persona. Respect other people’s fun, make sure your Empire fits into the idea of the main author’s thread.

As well please respect system Admins and Moderators as they are all human and they all work voluntarily on the forum.
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