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Post by The Clans on Fri Jun 24, 2016 8:26 pm

This is rather sparse, I don't have much interest in detailing planets unless I have a culture in mind for its population.

Yuxun: The cradle of Yuxu civilization. It is a tomb world covered in the ruins of their former civilization that is now lost to time. The world is plagued my massive sand and lightning storms. Despite this small enclaves and compounds are scattered throughout the ruins and empty sands. The basic unit of civilization to the Yuxu is not the city, but the compound, a mostly-self contained structure that takes many forms from ancient military bases, caves carved into mountains, subway tunnels, and collections of massive beached seafaring vessels. The compound contains the aeroponic farms necessary to feed and sustain the population in addition to deep water wells. Small scale manufacturing and workshops are often a feature within clan compounds.

The top of the northern hemisphere, in addition to being mostly clear of contaminants, is the only place where traditional dirt farming can occur on Yuxun. While normally swampy and unmanageable, some land has been reclaimed and used by the feudal militant cultures of the north.

Qala: A tombworld suspected of being a former military base.
Suxur: The only non-tomb world that has any actual interest to Yuxu citizens. In addition to its rich mineral reserves, Yuxu soldiers come here to test their combat skills against the native beasts.
Asasli: Currently the central planet of the empire, located within a choke point in the hyperlane network. Asasli is a tombworld that retains some of its native animal life.
Yuxun Heyata: Located within the Yatiq system, Yuxun Heyata was the first planet colonized by the Colonial Corps under Awakener Mysha, which was founded mostly for prestige and to get immediate access to minerals to build her tomb. Despite being the first colony founded, the desert world is sparsely populated and operates only a few mines.
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