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Earadan Prioroties Empty Earadan Prioroties

Post by Zuko Darkborn on Wed Jun 29, 2016 6:50 am

I'm creating some system mainly for myself to use. I start with 20 points, which increase by 1 each day, for simplicity's sake. I delegate these between categories, and create priorities with them. Easier to see in my mind. These are all development, not current status, thus I could keep Exploration at 5 forever and still discover stuff.

Diplomacy 1 point
1. The Swarm

Exploration 5 points
The discovery of new ocean planets in addition to stellar art is believed to be the largest advantages of FTL-travels.
1. Habitable worlds.
2. Stellar art.
3. Alien lifeforms.

Construction 4 points
1. Exploration Drones.
2. Military Fleet.
3. Energy Mining Stations.

Military 3 points
1. Guarding controlled systems.

Politics 6 points
With the Nineteen's election of the Grandest Master closing in, that takes priority.
1. Election
2. Appeasing the Purist's Guild.

Research 3 points
Upon further research, the colony ship sent to Asaener was highly flawed, and the operation's success was extremely lucky, considering the now projected chances of success is 10%.
Engineering: Colony Ship improvements.
Society: Alien Communication.
Physics: Fission Power.
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