S.I.B.C.R. Holdings

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S.I.B.C.R. Holdings

Post by Vagrant Hero on Tue Jul 26, 2016 6:57 pm

As of this current moment, the Serene Imperium only occupies one world, their home world of Carrak. However, they have a presence in numerous systems to various degrees. Due to how wormholes work, distance does not really matter between one area of space to the next. Still, the Imperium is young, and they have only built up to a great degree in three of those systems (i.e, have more than just mining stations, frontier stations and space outposts). These systems are the Carraxian Home System, a nearby system shared between each of the Holy Orders, and one more system directly administrated by the church. Feudal lords own the majority of the holdings in the Carrak system, though an especially powerful one has his own system (Lord Minios) and there are other territories with no real infrastructure in them.

Sonne System: Blue Star, 5 planets. Solar stations in orbit to generate power, owned by the Imperial household directly.

Fordaro: Molten world, closest to Sonne. Small in size, high resource density. Ongoing mining operations, high revenue. Space Outpost owned by a wealthy family in orbit. All mining operations go through the family and its vassals, and they levy a tax on all goods before they move on.

Kilani: Rocky world, second closest to Sonne. Very large in size, four small moons and one mid sized moon in orbit. Much scarring on the planet's surface, presumed to be from asteroid impacts. No one lord controls this region, with many competitors running mining operations here. Various artificial satellites in orbit, small permanent population of several hundred thousand across the various satellites and moons. Generates great amounts of revenue for the Imperium per year.

Carrak and Friunt: second and third closest to Sonne, Tundra and Arctic worlds respectively. Orbits are very close to each other in cosmic terms, with various landmarks on Friunt being visible on good days. Still smaller than Carrack's two moons, Nefo and Niftila, which themselves are fairly small in size. They are both mid-sized planets, with Friunt being slightly smaller. Friunt has been claimed by the Imperial Household, which currently holds a monopoly on all operations on that planet. A, in game terms, level three spaceport is in orbit. This is to accommodate the various factions building ships and such, with a toll paid to the Imperial household for ships built and such. A space station is in far orbit, with large laser cannons for direct fire, and various missile ports that can engage a target even if they are blocked from view by a planet. Carrak Population: 17 billion and counting.

Asteroid Belt: various asteroids and planetoids make their way around here, with mining settlements, platforms, and stations interspersed throughout the belt. Large swaths of it remain unexploited, with an estimated 0.94% of the potential here actually being used at this point. Population: 50,000 throughout the entirety of the belt.

Finally, there is the massive gas giant, Ano (grandfather), so named for his many "children." A staggering number of natural sattelites orbit this gas giant, whose size, while nowhere near that of the star it orbits, is truly staggering by gas giant reckoning. Mostly unexploited, with ongoing efforts to establish operations here. A lone science outpost is the closest object to the wormhole station at the edge of the system, currently devoted to studying abnormal readings from Ano.
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