Informal Contact Between the Crucible and the Colonial Corps

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Informal Contact Between the Crucible and the Colonial Corps Empty Informal Contact Between the Crucible and the Colonial Corps

Post by The Clans on Thu Sep 15, 2016 2:54 pm

After the Crucible and Corps ships arrive within their designated system, a gravitic shuttle pulls alongside the Freeman ship to allow the Herald and his translators aboard. The shuttle starts its descent toward the continental world of Suxur..

A selection of music begins to play inside the cabin of the shuttle. The Herald is then given a handwritten note by the Yuxu translator. "Each song has personal significance to Mysha, she thinks that listening and reading will help you get to know her better before your meeting.” The note has the lyrics of the songs translated into Havenese with commentary written out to the side of specific lyrics.

“This is a song of unknown age (to me). Before I had risen to the top of my clan and was a regular Dreamer warrior I would listen to this to pump myself up on the drive to a raid. For the rest of my life I am indeed the voice of a new age of history until records are wiped away by another cataclysm.”

‘I can hear the drums in the distance,
Discord on the air,’

“My initial conquests were local in scale, but were fueling the wars raging outside of the ruined city that mine and many other clans combed and fought in. Many traders had built commerce compounds dedicated to siphoning the wealth of the ruins back to fuel the war machines of already formed city-states. An Outcast clan-sister that I had personally trained and fought with when we were both slaves had built the contacts outside of the clan to form her own commerce compound. Through her I knew that we would only be left alone for so long. If war was coming I would be the one to bring it under the guise of quality of life improvements to our clan infrastructure.”

Burnin in the brain,
Ya got a face of glowin’ chrome,

Speedin’ to the rhythm,
Of the thunder in your dome,

Road rage
Heavy metal engines
Rumble thunder roar

Red riff,
Strikin’ up a cord
To the drums of bloody war!

Off the course!’

All of my early life was spent fighting and raiding, as a young adult I continued to. It was mostly aimless to prove that I was strong and I could. I began to trade my plunder for the enrichment of my clan instead of my own personal gain and only enriched myself further. Through the implementation of military science my small clan of all female warriors were calling the shots within our ruins. The other commerce compounds were destroyed to strengthen my Outcast-Sister’s. Slaves and heavy scrap that we could not use flowed out of the city, factory parts poured in and we built. This changed when I at last assumed control of the commerce compound and ceased all trade with the outside that some of the outside manufactories and farms had become dependent on.

‘I am the fury and the force,
I am the river and the source.’

“As I have written, a small part of the foreign war machine had become dependent on me. It was natural to expect an attack, an attack that I crushed.”

‘Behold the Cerberus!
Guns and gas and gods!’

“On a good day, if you are reckless and suicidal, you can drive from one end of a ruined city to the other in a day. It takes days to travel across radioactive badlands. There can be no stable supply lines for a war party. My clan no longer had to trade for fuel, we could produce it. No longer did we have to rely on finding weaponry, we were making it. No longer were we raiders that were forged in the fires of combat to live or die, we were trained and well-drilled, as were our neighbors in our alliance. Without the fuel to move motivated soldiers across great distances quickly and weapons for them to use, warfare cannot be conducted on Yuxun.”

‘Seeds of redemption we sow,
On softer soil may they grow.

Fury under the hood,
The charge of motherhood,

I will never be slowed,
Will not be caged

I will redden the road,
Release the rage!”

“Everything myself and my allies were doing were realizations and procedures that should have been made and instituted long ago. Our children would not be as hard and savage as our ancestors that lead to the clans’ decay, but they would be all the stronger for it by being given every possible opportunity to learn and grow without penalty of bleeding out in the sand to do it as I had done. Our clans’ adopted and biological children became the deciding factor in our victories, the products of my unrelenting desire to reduce casualties and improve warrior quality.”

‘We’re gonna tear it up,
You’re gonna love it.’

“Do your people have guns? Do you like firing guns? We’re going to have fun shooting guns.”
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