Septhi-Khendros Co-Joined Military Institution

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Septhi-Khendros Co-Joined Military Institution Empty Septhi-Khendros Co-Joined Military Institution

Post by Mthis on Mon Sep 26, 2016 1:04 pm

As part of the diplomatic arrangements and treaties with the Khendros, the Septhi Royal Army and Navy is now merged into the Khendros Military Insitution as the newly proclaimed "Dynastical Royal Forces" learning and equipting themselves with Khendros weapons and training, tactics, and so on. The DRF still display the Insignias of the former Royal Army and Navy to maintain their cultural idendity and tradition.

Battle-Priests of the Priesthood of the Dynasty still work alongside the DRF but not as part of it, merely as auxillary support under direct command of the Temples. The Septhi Fleet is now also being modernised as part of the treaty with Khendros levels of technolegy and designs, however the Septhi are quick to put their own spin on it for comfortability for their own crews, for obvious reasons due to different biologies, for one the Warp-Drives are outfitted on the Septhi ships, as well as internal atmospheric systems and gravity like vessels prior to the Khendros contact.

The Septhi Parliament maintains its close bonds to the Khendros, but voices have been raised regarding that the DRF is in the end under control of a Khendros admiral, so far all these things has been dismissed by the Leadership of the DRF who has proclaimed eternal oath of loyalty to the Queen in the unlikely scenario conflict with the Khendros should emerge.

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