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Naval Size Guideline Empty Naval Size Guideline

Post by Joe Joerson on Wed Apr 20, 2016 9:38 pm

*Note: This guideline is outdated, please disregard it until such a point as it has been appropriately rewritten.*

This is a guideline for relative naval sizes to help put into context appropriate naval sizes. This guideline is only recommended for use in Heavy Roleplays. This is a guideline it takes second place to a Topic Author's wishes.

A Rating 5 military approximately have,

15-20 Capital ships, (Carriers, Battleships, Battle cruisers)

50-60 Cruisers

125-150 Destroyers

115-125 Corvettes

Rating 4

5-10 Capital ships, (Carriers, Battleships, Battle cruisers)

30-40 Cruisers

75-100 Destroyers

85-100 Corvettes

Rating 3

0-10 Capital ships, (Carriers, Battleships, Battle cruisers)

10-20 Cruisers

25-50 Destroyers

55-70 Corvettes

Rating 2

0 Capital ships, (Carriers, Battleships, Battle cruisers)

0-10 Cruisers

0-25 Destroyers

25-40 Corvettes

Rating 1

0 Capital ships, (Carriers, Battleships, Battle cruisers)

0 Cruisers

0-10 Destroyers

5-20 Corvettes

{NOTE} These are not rules or commandments, in your roleplay you can flexible with these guidelines. However it is recommended that you stay fairly close to these as to allow for knowing how powerful someone is and what they can bring to the fight. Astute readers might have noticed two things, one there is no rating 6 listed and two there are spaces between the ratings.

ONE Rating six is much less of a empire ranking and more of a Galactic Threat. Say you have extra-galactic invaders with thousands of warships at their command, rating 6. A massive world destroying warship eliminating livable worlds, rating 6. Rating 6 is the galactic crisis level of threat.

TWO Alright so there are ranges in each rating, but there are also spaces between ratings, what gives? Well simply that the ranges allow for a more varied military. Say you want more corvettes than destroyers or more capital ships but no cruisers. This allows for that. As well the areas between the ratings are for more Fluidity.

Say you have the Gzorg Star Alliance, they have recently fallen from being a rating 5 to more of a 4.2, they have just as many warships as they did, but well they are the exact same warships the had, haven't updated them budget cuts you see...    

Or Say you have the Glorious Empire of Zof, they have risen from a rating 2 to more of a 2.8 and while they don't have any capital ships of a three, they have a much larger and more expansive rating 2 navy. Cruisers, destroyers corvettes, much more than any rating 3...

So now that my rank is done for the hour (if this helped it wasn't intentional I assure you tongue ,) know this: This is Not any limiting factor, feel free to disregard this however, do make your roleplay fair and balanced. If you wish scale down the amounts of ships involved, "They have have a whole 3 Battleships!" or scale it up, "The Armada of Three hundred of Dreadnoughts pushed on through the meager two hundred cruisers and their escorts." do whatever you like, I don't mind, just make it fair to all players and inform them of this change.
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