Broadcasts from Xengari Held Territory in the Cirnii Sphere

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Broadcasts from Xengari Held Territory in the Cirnii Sphere

Post by Joe Joerson on Fri Nov 25, 2016 3:59 pm

A new broadcasting service has opened, broadcasting various news from Carrak and the Sonne system in general to every system that can receive it in what once was Cirnii space. The anchors are clearly Cirnii broadcasting using either equipment designed by the Cirnii or designed for the Cirnii. The station has a Xengari influenced slant but does not speak of them or any affair outside of the Sonne system extensively, primarily speaking of Imperial decrees and any scandal or other news in the Sonne system, mentioning other powers only in passing. Any reference to the Free Cirnii State is as a rebelling region, however again only in passing and quickly moved away from. There are various stations broadcasting around Xengari held territory, however it is not the only broadcasting service. The same stations send various other broadcasts from different services and networks on a variety of topics. The Broadcasts are clearly intended to have a strong signal if one is in territory held by the Cirnii before the Xengari-Cirnii war.

The Broadcasts start a few days after the end of Negotiations between the Xengari and the Khendros.
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