Xengari Public Opinion

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Xengari Public Opinion

Post by Joe Joerson on Wed Feb 01, 2017 5:38 pm

Given recent developments in diplomacy with alien civilizations the Government has decided to publicize the agreement with an Alien power before any leaks could happen, the reaction has been mixed but following broadcasts and informative releases have brought the majority into approval of the new deal.

Most of the governmental response has not been focused on explaining galactic politics or reasons but instead to promote a culture of benign superiority towards their fellow sentients, particularly in response to increased levels of fear and anxiety that followed the announcements of the encounters with the Khendros and the uneasy peace following that front.

Though relations may be stable now in terms of the Xengari opinion of foreign Empires and peoples this will undoubtedly impact future relations between the Xengari and outsiders, including any sharply negative event may be increased in the outrage and anger it will cause.
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