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Crownship of Sa. The Kahesh Empty Crownship of Sa. The Kahesh

Post by Mthis on Thu Apr 21, 2016 2:53 pm

Kaheshi Design Document

Game Data:

Ocean Homeworld

Species:Crownship of Sa. The Kahesh Arthro12

Traits:Intelligent, Sedentary, Enduring
Ethos:Pacifist,Fanatic Materialist
Government:Enlightened Monarchy

Basic Data

Species name: Kaheshi, Singular Kahesh.
Homeworld: Kahesh
Star/system: Sa
Empire: Crownship of Sa
King: Kra’Vres The High-Crowned
Languages: Kaheshi (minor dialects are prevalent dependant on which part of Kahesh they are form)
Religion: Practically defunct. Small minorities who worship Ancient Sea gods, but commonly relates to less than 3% of the population.

Kahesh Rotational period: 78 Hours
Kahesh orbital period: 600-612 Local days
Kahesh Hydrographic coverage: 97%

Kahesh is a planet almost entirely covered in a single ocean, only smaller volcanic landmasses are visible on the surface of the planet, however the average depth of the ocean is not immense compared to the oceans of other worlds, Sunlight is generally visibly from the bottom across most of the planet. The Water is Generally warmer than that of Terran Oceans, and tend to house an immense biodiversity.


The Kaheshi are bipedal Crustaceans with a exoskeleton and the capability to absorb oxygen through it regardless of being above or below water like most Crustaceans.

It is almost virtually impossible for a non Kaheshi to distinguish the sexes from one another. Like other Crustaceans they lay eggs, however due to their size and pre-sapient nature as an Apex Predator they commonly only lay one egg, however two eggs is not uncommon. Young Kaheshi look different compared to adult Kaheshi due to being in a pseudo-larval stage where their exoskeleton has yet to fully form, and along it several of their more advanced organs. Generally incubation times of eggs are rather quick, hatching and bringing a Kaheshi into its larval stage between 50-70 days. A Kaheshi is generally considered adult upon the time their Exoskeleton is fully formed and all their organs have matured, dependant on diet this can take all from 15-20 years.

Kaheshi are commonly 7-8 feet tall and are bipedal with two arms and two legs, however also having a long tail most easily explained as a mix between a Lobster's tail and a serpent's tail. They possess four highly efficient finger like appendages on the hands on both of their arms.

(Intelligent)The modern Kaheshi is blessed with a very efficient thought processing center much akin to a brain for other races. This has led to them having a somewhat towering individual intellect.

(Sedentary)The Kaheshi however living in an extremely alive ocean world with plenty of nutritious and available food has led to them not be a race that migrates a lot, preferring to stay in surroundings they know.

(Enduring) Kaheshi tend to live slightly longer lifespans than most other species, generally reaching around 130-150 on average in terran years.

The Pre-Sapient Kaheshi looked practically the same as modern Kaheshi, however archeology depicts they might have been slightly larger or smaller depending on where on the planet they lived. They were an Apex predator found everywhere in the seas of their world, even in the deepest parts of the oceans. Archeology depicts earliest forms of their design as far back as 6 million years, leading it to commonly be believed they were a very effective and efficient evolutionary design for their worlds conditions.

Geography, Early History

Kahesh as seen from space is almost entirely submerged in water of varying colors, which relates to the vast kelp and underwater plant forests that sprawl just below the surface of the water. Volcanic Islands are also visible from orbit, continuously spewing out magma and other minerals from deep below the world's crest.

Early Kaheshi community and civilization is estimated to have begun approximately 30.000 years ago as “clans” or “tribes” emerged along the Kelp-forests and hunted and gathered to store prey for later use. No One's quite sure but the first indication of permanent settlement appears as old as 25.000 years ago where early forms of writing and communication is established to have been invented.

The earliest actual historical documents date to the High-Priesthood of Ja’Zravr around 18.000 years ago where extremely advanced mathematics is presented, broad examples like estimation of the size of the planet is presented in these documents, and later studies would reveal them to be almost pinpoint accurate.

Archaeology and documentation makes us believe that around 10.000 years ago, there was already global contact and trade routes between most if not all national groupings on Kahesh, leading to spreading of ideas and technologies to be fast globally, however mathematics and philosophy was extremely advanced, on a technological level the Kaheshi were still using cold-forging, and primarily using simple but crude metal weaponry and tools, if extremely efficient at it however.

It was not until 580 years ago that the Kingdom of Hra’Vrofak discovered a source of energy through the use of a Volcanic island with contraptions to store steam and gasses. This sudden discovery led to a rapid industrialization as methods of forging and metallurgy spread. However wars also began to seize these few and valuable Volcanic islands as a source of this now valued energy source. Technological progress boomed at an exceptional rate never seen before.

Recent History

Around 210 years ago the Kaheshi as a species began uniting closer in form as technology advanced at a rapid rate leading them into a digital age which led to an effective globalisation. Rationalism became the prime thought amongst the Kaheshi and thanks to the globalisation, conflicts began to die down, leading them into an era of peace and prosperity guided by the monarchies that spanned the globe.

Modern Culture and situation

The Kaheshi are a very rational culture and race, who however softened by generations of peace do not see interest in armed conflict lest in self-defence, technological prowess and the safety and well being of the citizens is the prime concern of the leadership of the Kaheshi. They are a relatively 'small' empire comparibly to other larger space fairing empires, but profit from close density of habitable worlds and are highly prosperous and advanced. Current number of worlds with fully functioning populations is 3.

The Kaheshi can be noted with being exceptionally advanced for being a young interstellar nation which dosnt have a technocratic government. Generally doing leaps of progress in certain technological fields at a time. This is believed to be linked to their idea of progress and prosperity as well as their exceptionally heightened intelligence. Some say Kaheshi cities are technological Utopias.

Galactic Power Scale

Military: 2 (The Kaheshi Royal Army and Navy is primarily a product of their pre-unification days, of the unified armies of Kahesh under the Crown. Its prime purpose is Self-Defence)
Economic: 3 (The Kaheshi being a primarily aquatic race has different ammounts of production values, mining is done primarily on off-world platforms or in the deep-sea)
Technology: 5 (Despite being a Young Race, since the discovery of Thermal Energy the Kaheshi technolegy has advanced and not slowed down at a horrifying rate)
Diplomatic: 3 (The Kaheshi prefer to keep the peace, but also cares little for many happenings beyond their Stellar borders that dosnt have an impact on them)
Cultural: 2 (Kaheshi culture is dominated by Rationalism, and the concept of peace and prosperity, only notable thing out of place is loyalty to the Crown)

(Any questions about the Kahesh and the Crownship of Sa can be asked here)

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Crownship of Sa. The Kahesh Empty Re: Crownship of Sa. The Kahesh

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I am hoping for continued diplomatic relations between your people and my own. Our shared values would be mutually beneficial in such a vast universe.
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Indeed so

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