Message to All Spacefaring Beings in the Galaxy, from the Domain of Kreazi

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Message to All Spacefaring Beings in the Galaxy, from the Domain of Kreazi

Post by Zuko Darkborn on Thu Apr 21, 2016 3:17 pm

A message is is sent across the inner galaxy, alongside an advanced translation service.

I, Q-werr qur Kaash, greet you on behalf of the Domain of Kreazi. Just know, I am a mere Thyara Prophet, but my words are taken from theirs. They are Divine Beings, and know more than any of us. Most of you will never see them, so exclusive they are. They know about the catastrophes of the past, and the technological progress that brought them. They advice you to cease all of your research immediately, for your own benefit. If you still wish for advancement, you can gain so safely through our leaders. Newcomers are even allowed to start at a rank higher than the lowest Thyaras, at the Ta-ranz level, translated as "Middle Slavery". With great dispute, the Kreazi will even allow your leaders to remain "free" if they wish. If you still wish to face the dangers of research alone, we will grant you some rules to be at least somewhat safe:
1. Limited AI research.
2. Limited research on advanced FTL-methods.
3. Limited psychic research.
4. Stay away from class-4, class-5 and class-6 levels of tomb worlds. You will gain nothing but destruction if you break this.
5. If you find any unknown, dangerous objects, consult us before testing on them.

We hope you do no make the same mistakes as the aliens of the past.
- Q-werr qur Kaash

[Roleplay is not really started yet, but wrote this already, so I could as well share it.]
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