The Khendros Empire

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The Khendros Empire

Post by Caspoi on Fri Apr 22, 2016 1:42 pm

Species Name: Axtromd
Species Adjective: Axtromd
Empire Name: Khendros (or the Khendros Empire if you will, but Khendros really just means "The State" and will do fine)
Empire Adjective: Khendros
Phenotype: Reptiles (not entirely decided yet, seeing as they are something of a cross between insects (outward exoskeleton and four eyes), reptiles (in terms of mouths, claws etc) and birds (in terms of general proportions)
Traits: Intelligent, natural engineers, slow breeders
Ethos: collectivist, materialist, militarist
Government: despotic hegemony
Homeworld: Khemenos
Planet type: tundra world
Short Description of Species: a previously nomadic group of dinosaur-like beings who have survived the harsh climate through cunning, ruthlessness and technological adaptability.
Short Description of Empire and History: The species has since then decided to unite under worldspanning government working for the good of the society and under the many new technological developments they have reached the space age and found other species, these species are, without an exception, seen as woefull primitives (even those who have reached the space age) that need to be "enlightened" (through force if nedessary) to realise their full potential and become productive members of society, the ultimate goal of any individual as far as they are concerned. To ensure that no problems arise they often relocate more subversive elements of society to more mellow places to ensure that they conform to the group example instead of conspiring together. They are positive towards all research, including AI, whom they see as yet another lifeform that may become productive members of the society assuming that they fullfill their optimal field, in fact there have been many examples of AI with higher rank and status than many organic members, including Axtromd.


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