Dominion Worlds

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Dominion Worlds

Post by Joe Joerson on Sat Apr 23, 2016 8:09 pm

The Kha'ni Temporary Dominion has but one inhabited world Kha'to. It is a desert world,  Capital of the Dominion and Homeworld of the Kha'ni. The Kha'ni are reluctant to leave their ancestral homeworld but may do so taking some religious artifacts with them as their population is expanding at an unsustainable rate. Kha'to is heavily populated with many off its people devoted to continuing the Search and then otherwise to production of food for the expanding population. Kha'to has a population of roughly 23 billion though this number is obscured by the lack of an actual census by the Government.

As well the Dominion has control of several Tomb worlds which are primary religious sites off-planet and many "relics" (mainly pieces of the "Gods" technology that they do not understand from the teachings of the "Servants of the Gods") are taken away to temples on Kha'to and various religious stations and journeys.

In addition there is the new colony world of Kha'mi. Kha'mi is an arid world.
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