The Ka-vidar Republic

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The Ka-vidar Republic Empty The Ka-vidar Republic

Post by Skozzy on Sun Apr 24, 2016 9:24 am

Adj: Ka-vadran
Species Adj:Kaden

Leader: Consul Ven-Mork
Government: Military Republic (Ka-Fitoran Junta Or Iron Counsole)
Ethos:Materialist , Militarist , Xenophile
Traits:Very Strong, Slow Learners , Repugnant

FTL: Warp

Home World: Kan (Arid)
Other worlds: Vegana (Arid)
system: Kanhane
Language: Kavaden

History and Reasons: They Where Only in Early Industrial stage When the "Great Falling" Happened there "gods" (Space Ships) fell from the sky and kill thousands followed by their "Gods" trying to kill them for there home the battle was over quickly for the Kaden had rage for the "gods" for trying to kill them they quickly reverse engineered their tech and formed a new purpose for themselves the Ka-Vadar or God hunters and set out to kill all false gods for there destruction of Kan. They have met 1 other race in space there old gods and have wiped them all out and founded the Colony of Vegana building it out of the bones of the old race.
Then After A long Civil The Old Government Was replaced By A new Republic With the help of Punxaca An immortal old Cyborg That acts as advisor

They are naturally aggressive and they are trying to co-operate with other races in hope to not cause another apocalypses but they are finding it hard to change to peacefull

Due to there discovery of power suits they have used them to show jobs in the military:
Green and Blue: Explores
Green and Brown: Planetary army
Black and Brown: General
Blue and red: Fighter Pilots
white and red: Crew men of ships
white and blue: Cartographers
Black and white: Admiral
Black and Gold: Console Member

Looks: The Ka-vidar Republic Stella10
They are 4 or 6 feet on average (4 for workers 6 for Hunters) Bipedal two arms. 2 large clawed fingers and 2 thumbs

Punxaca:The Ka-vidar Republic Mollus10
Traits:Intelligent, Charismatic, Solitary

Military: 5
Economy: 2
Technology: 5
Diplomatic: 1
Cultural: 2
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