Ka-Vader planets

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Ka-Vader planets

Post by Skozzy on Sun Apr 24, 2016 10:24 am

The Ka-Vadar Has Six Planets

1. Kan The Red city Home World
2. Vegana The Graveyard of the gods
3. Dufaia The bleeding Sea
4. Shhaun-a Arid
5. Shhaun-b desert

Kan is an arid world with crashed spaceships littering the surface with abandoned cities with only the capital of Vegni Populated. They are still using a mix of early industrial and space age tech to rebuild and recover, There are space age building near the Iron House and get more and more run down the further to move away(Punxaca And the counsel Reside here)

Vegana is one big ruined city planet that houses the army training ground and regathering divisions living there searching for old tech and riches The army HQ is The most odious thing on this planet as it is large Skyscraper with space docks surrounding in a city of run-down buildings

Dufaia Was taken Domain of the Kreazi and is mostly abandoned islands with new towns appearing on them to live a sea based life The biggest city is Survn Witch houses the Dufafian Transport buses

Shhaun-a is Barren looking on the Surface as most of the city's are under ground It has become a mining planet For the rare Garanthium Ore.

Shhaun-b is a small tomb world witch is mostly ussed for research.
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