Domain of the Kreazi

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Domain of the Kreazi

Post by Zuko Darkborn on Wed Apr 20, 2016 9:19 am

Name: Domain of the Kreazi
Adjective: Domain
Government: Theocratic Oligarchy
Current Inquisitor/Ruler: Qtan
Ethos: Collectivist, Pacifist, Spiritualist
FTL: Hyperdrive
Weapons: Lasers
Homeworld: Krethia (Jungle)
System: Kreaz-Ruuq
Language: High Taar for Kreazi, Low Taar for Thyaras
All Kreazi are regarded as Divine Beings by the Thyaras, and are thus allowed to vote in the Divine Council, in addition to legally owning other citizens. They elect a leader that rules for 40 years. In a way, for the Kreazi, this is like a direct democracy, although there are only around 200 only Kreazi left, making this quite easy. The Council controls every part of lesser citizen’s lives, making them slaves and worshippers.


Name: Kreaz
Adjective: Kreazi
Ethos. Pacifist, Xenophobe, Individualist
Traits: Venerable, Slow Breeders, Weak
The Kreazi were once a mighty, large, strong, immortal species, but somehow this was all stripped away from barely surviving in a foreign environment. They still live longer than most, but they are weak now, and smaller. After watching a disaster ruin most of the galaxy, they will do anything to hinder other races’ technological progress.


Name: Thyara
Adjective: Thyaran
Ethos: Fanatic Collectivist, Spiritualist
Traits: Rapid Breeders, Conformists, Slow Learners
The Thyaras are a slave races of the Kreazi, something which they see as given. The Kreazi uplifted them from an ever lasting stone age, and the Thyaras thus worship them as divine beings. They breed fast, but are slow to change.

Thousands of years ago, the Kreazi fled from a disaster that destroyed the empires of the past. A small group of fifteen landed in the Jungle Planet of Krethia. Used to cold glaciers, this came hard to them. Due to their inability to work much here themselves, they started teaching a local somewhat intelligent species, the Thyaras. The primitive people were already practicing religion, so replacing these with themselves was easy. They were after all, one of the most technological advanced empires in the galaxy, at one point.

Later, they ruled all of the planet, and had strict religious rules. The Kreazi stories taught themselves that others were the cause of the catastrophes. This led to their xenophobic tendencies. The Thyaras now knew they were not much else than pawns in a society where only hard work could lead them upwards. The most successful were even allowed to see and contact the Kreazi, as that was a privilege of itself. Such a Thyara was known as a “Prophet.”

What could then lead to finally teaching the Thyaras of spaceflight? They had contact with aliens, and thus wanted to rise again to the space theater, this time to prevent what had happened before. They believe their worshipers were ready to fight for them.
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