Dreaming Clanworlds

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Dreaming Clanworlds

Post by The Clans on Wed Apr 27, 2016 12:00 am

The Clans currently possess only their homeworld, Yuxun. It is an arid pre-information age tombworld, though it is hard to tell from initial scans as near all of the existing infrastructure has been broken down and rebuilt or patched and integrated into the world's current infrastructure. The population is steadily approaching two billion souls, supported entirely by farms in the few green places and sprawling aeroponic complexes and smaller gardens. Despite the constant and erratic sandstorms that buffet the drier regions, the surface is a veritable ant farm of activity from the natives seeking out and breaking down and repurposing materials scavenged from collapsed buildings, building new ones, and constructing new roads for both wheeled and repulsorlift vehicles.

Extraplanetary holdings include a handful of mining stations in construction.
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