Kingdom of the Viur

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Kingdom of the Viur Empty Kingdom of the Viur

Post by Zuko Darkborn on Thu Apr 28, 2016 11:30 am

Species Name: Thyara
Species Adjective: Thyaran
Empire Name: Kingdom of the Viur
Empire Adjective: Viur
Phenotype: Arthropoid
Traits: Rapid Breeders, Conformists, Slow Learners
Ethos: Materialist, Militarist, Xenophobe
Government: Despotic Empire
Current King: Viur qur Myu
Homeworld: Krethia
Planet type: Jungle

History: When a Domain slave disobeys he is demoted to a lower rank of slavery. But what if he already is at the lowest? He then becomes a "Viur", or a "Fallen". At this point it is almost impossible to return, as they are sent into the deepest jungles to survive on their own. The Vadar attack on Krethia killed most of the population, but who would even bother to hunt for the Fallen?

A Viur warlord rose to prominence after capturing a Kreaz and his crashed spaceship. Using this, he militarily unified the remainders of the planet, and after pre-Kreazi ancient traditions, he declared his realm a monarchy. Their largest goal was to gain revenge on the Kreazi for enslavement, and for the Thyaras to rule all others.

Military: 5
Economy: 2
Technology: 3
Diplomatic: 3
Cultural: 2
Currently a minor power.
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Kingdom of the Viur Empty Re: Kingdom of the Viur

Post by The Clans on Sat May 07, 2016 12:03 am

Secretly arming them would be fun.
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