Carraxian Home System

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Carraxian Home System

Post by Vagrant Hero on Sat Apr 30, 2016 2:06 am

The Arctic world of Carrack is extremely inhospitable on its surface. Covered in icy mountains, windswept tundras and one large ocean that is almost completely frozen except for a few volcanic regions, there are few Cirnii settlements even in this modern day and age. Most of the native flora and fauna live either by or near the warmspots, in the wind shadow of the major mountain ranges, or underneath the permafrost. The Cirnii are one of the latter.

In vast subterranean networks under the surface, 12 billion souls reside. 2 billion more live on the surface, but even these settlements are connected to the underground networks in someway. Industry, by the Director's decree, has been rapidly expanding, and the empty surface regions are thought to be excellent spots for energy facilities, hydroponics structures and expanded mining facilities.

In orbit over Carrack are numerous satellites, both natural and artificial. Twin moons, Kirick and Nirick, wander approximately 75,000 miles and 132,000 miles away respectively. The largest space station, Prime Directive (jokingly referred to as 'Director's Orders'), functions as the tunnel into space.

There are 4 other planets in the Carraxian Home System. 2 of them are closer to the sun than Carrax, both rocky worlds. Another planet, Cortis, is closeby, though farther away from the sun. It, too, is an Arctic world, and will likely become the first target for colonization once the process is actually feasible. Finally, a massive gas giant exists on the edge of the solar system, with an even more massive ring containing numerous moons and asteroids.

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