Joining/Creating Role plays

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Joining/Creating Role plays

Post by Zzyriphian on Tue May 03, 2016 1:57 pm

How does one join and/or create their own role plays on this site?

Like, does one simply suffer themselves upon whichever role play has caught their fancy, or is there an application process?

Also, what defines "Heavy" versus "Light" Role Play?

I appreciate anyone's getting back to me on this.
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Re: Joining/Creating Role plays

Post by Joe Joerson on Tue May 03, 2016 2:23 pm

Well Mr Name I can't Pronounce,

Joining roleplays is different per Roleplay. Some Topic Authors may just have placing appropriate posts in the appropriate sections, others may have a detailed application process, and others still may be invite only, it is up to the Topic Author how that is decided.

To create your own Roleplay merely create a topic in the Light Roleplay section to do so there. In the Heavy Roleplay you would go to the New Roleplay galaxies sub-forum and create a topic that includes rules, setting and how to join the Roleplay. Then a moderator or Admin will create a new sub-forum for such a role play and will expand such as necessary.

Heavy Roleplay is any Roleplay that focus on more "Serious" or realistic approach, characters with deep back stories, tragedy things of real life in role play form. Light Roleplay is any Roleplay that focus on more "Non-Serious" or less realistic and more comedic, like some comics and other things with a touch of unreality. For example several Alien races being held up at the entrance Desk while they are trying to send an ultimatum of death or submission to a planetary government would be light Roleplay.

If anyone else wants to add something to what I have said is welcome to as I don't have time to cover everything and have been typing quite fast for these ten minutes.

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