The Kaheshi Worlds

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The Kaheshi Worlds Empty The Kaheshi Worlds

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The Crownship of Sa consists of 16 Worlds considered properly functioning worlds with space-ports, economy, industry, and defensive capabilities.

The Center of this Interstellar Kingdom consists of 6 Worlds under directl control and administrative attention of the King, ably named the "Crown Worlds"

The Crownworlds are:

Kahesh, Capital, Cradle of the Kaheshi Civilization. An Ocean World. Seat of the Crownship of Sa
Sahesh, An Ocean World and the first Kaheshi Colony. Known for its rich deep-sea mining of rare minerals.
Trahosh, An Ice-covered planet housing a lush warm ocean underneath its ice-cap.
Qurana, a Continental-World serving as a primary power-production center of the Crown-Worlds
Krahosh, An Arctic World known to house the largest military-space dock in the Kingdom
Mahesh, An Ocean World much like Kahesh, holds a large population and houses several fine academies of science

The 10 other Worlds are spread out under three administrative Sectors.

4 Planets belong to the Sector of Sha'Krel

Osahesh, An ocean World serving as the Capital of the Sha'hrel Sector
Lahosh, an Arctic world
Mahosh, An Ice-covered Oceanic Planet.
Qirana, A continental world known for a large Nature-Preservation park set up by the Monarchy

4 Planets belong to the Sector of Si'Casara

Usahesh, Oceanic Capital world of the Sector
Qoikna, a Continental world
Muikana, a Tropical Planet sporting dangerous wildlife
Tyran, a planet covered in Tundra, known primarily for mining

2 planets belong to the "Safe-Zone of Sa" A sector put in place durring the Galactic Cold war at the time of high chance of hostilities, established to house refugees incase of mayor conflict, has become more of a frontier sector where commerce with other empires occur.

Jaseff V, an Ocean-Moon around a Gas Giant. Houses a gigantic diplomatic complex build by King Tra'Ves to impress diplomats from other empires and to house diplomatic talks between empires durring the Cold War as the Crownship was Neutral.
Olikna, a lush Tropical World.

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