Elder Hegemony

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Elder Hegemony

Post by Dragonsploof on Wed Apr 20, 2016 10:01 am

Species Name: Elder Ones
Species Adjective: Elder
Empire Name: Elder Hegemony
Empire Adjective: Elder
Phenotype: Molluscoid(Just like my Avatar)
Traits: Intelligent,Sedentary,Slow Breeders,Resilient
Ethos: Fanatic Materialist,Militarist
Government: Despotic Hegemony
Homeworld: Unknown(The capital of the Hegemony is just known as The Capital)
Planet type: Unknown(Suspected to be Oceanic)
FTL: Warp
Weapon: Laser

Short Description of Species: The Elder Ones(As they style themselves) are a bipedal molluscoid species who have four eyes,a shell like structure on their heads and tentacles hanging from their faces.

Short Description of Empire and History: In the times long past the 'Elder Ones' ruled the Galactic South. The were one of the first species to gain FTL(They use The Warp)so competition was minimal at first but as new Empires rose their expansion was challenged they became more militaristic and began abandoning the old ways such as worship of the Old Ones who legend tells created their race. This did not sit well with many in the population who fanaticly struck out and attacked many of the governments allies in order to cripple the government. This had to stop and a great 5 million long civil war broke out. This left the Elder Ones devastated so when it finally came to an end the once mighty hegemony stood a shadow of its former self and it's former allies started to pick away at them until The Great AI war which had decimated The Hegemony.(The AI invasion had litterly just decimated every captured world)So after the war the Great Overseer [REDACTED] turned the remaining planets into great stasis tombs for the people and after 1million years they would return. As it turned out a malfunction occurred causing the stasis tombs to awaken approximately 4 billion years to late so The Overseer now wanted to try and rebuild the old empire.

Technology:5 [Six if I am allowed]
Diplomatic: 2
Cultural: 1
[If anyone has a suggestion for better numbers please tell me please]

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