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The Preeminent Xyrvid Hives Empty The Preeminent Xyrvid Hives

Post by Zzyriphian on Tue May 10, 2016 9:52 am

Species Name:  Xyrvid

Species Adjective: Xyrvid “The Xyrvid are a race built upon the community and the whole of the race, not the individual. To call one ‘a Xyrvidian,’ or even to consider one an individual, is taken as the highest insult one can make.” - Field Notes, u.a.

Empire Name: The Preeminent Xyrvid Hives

Empire Adjective: Hive

Major Traits: Weak, Adaptive, Enduring “While we cannot commit to incredible feats of strength, the Xyrvid have become masters of changing and adapting to whatever unfortunate fate we have found themselves upon, and refuse to let that overcome us. The Xyrvid survive, no matter the cost.” -Texts of the Hajjus

Nonmajor Traits: Photophobia, Natural Insulation, Resilient Digestion “The Xyrvid have lived in the dark so long that direct sunlight can disorient them for short periods of time, as the low light of caves is what they’ve grown accustomed to. Those who are brought to the military are trained against this, however, to counter this tactic being used against them.” -Field Notes, u.a.

Ethos: Fanatic Collectivist, Materialist “The Xyrvid believe that the many is more important than the few, which makes it all the more surprising that the entire race is run by a single individual, instead of a small group of Xyrvid, as are all other aspects of their society, from manufacturing to weapons development.” -Field Notes, u.a.

Government: Despotic Hegemony (Overseer) “This government is a materialistic form of autocracy, where citizens are viewed as little more than cogs in the state machinery. Efficiency and technological progress are valued above all things.” - Stellaris Wiki

Current Overseer: Omdiir, First Offspring of Dekkarus, Aged 43 “Future Overseers are given an education that dwarfs that of normal Xyrvid. They are the only ones who are taught to speak properly, as opposed to the usual pheromone trails and basic reading.” -Texts of the Hajjus

Previous Overseer: Dekkarus, Third Offspring of Eritus, aged 124, 20 years deceased “The Title of Overseer passes down to the first offspring [the most recently born] at the death of the current one, unless they prove otherwise incapable of holding the office, in which case the next offspring in line becomes Overseer. The title is only revoked if all other surviving offspring will it to be.” -Texts of the Hajjus

Length of Official Clocks: 28 hours “Overseer Kaidr, In the year 7422, overturned the archaic clocks used by our ancestors, as it was unreliable and shortened work days, and created our modern system of splitting schedules into two 14 hour periods. Workforces are split into two groups, which take seperate 14 hour shifts working. The 14 ‘off hours’ are expected to be used for sleeping, reproduction, and, when necessary, military drills.” -Texts of the Hajjus

Length of Xyrvid Year: 298.75 Days

Current Year: 7853 “The first texts of the Xyrvid, from which we take our year zero, speak of many wars between those who made their homes on the surface of our world and those who remained in our ancestral caves. The surface of Hakkius has been scoured clean for a long time since then.” -Texts of the Hajjus

Method of FTL Travel: Wormhole “Seridus, the fourth offspring of the Overseer Eritus, was the head of the Torlux that discovered the secret of wormhole technology, and opened up the stars to the Xyrvid.” -Texts of the Hajjus

Starting Weapons: Kinetic

Major Groups:

The Hajjus: The scholars and historians of the Xyrvid, they are tasked with chronicling the history of their kind and educating future Overseers. Generally staffed with 40-75 Xyrvid, though it’s rare for them to all be in one place at one time. “The Hajjus were originally established by First Overseer Taadus, but after his death we fell into disarray, and it wasn’t until Overseer Setva in 7250 that the Hajjus were restored to the venerable state they had been at their creation.” -Texts of the Hajjus

The Toriux:The Toriux are the scientists and researchers of the Xyrvid, they are tasked with developing new technologies. They work with the Hajjus regularly to document new discoveries. Have large facilities and are staffed by several thousands Xyrvid. ”The Toriux, the group of Xyrvid most relied upon for our technological development, were originally what remained of a small, technological nation from when the Xyrvid were still split into countries. They willingingly rejoined the whole in hopes of assisting us with development of new technologies.

The Lomaust: The Lomaust are those at the head of the Xyrvid Military, and are almost always lead by potential Overseers. While they are considered a council, it would be more accurately described as advisors clustered around a general. Generally staffed with 18-24 Xyrvid, not including the ‘general.’ The Lomaust is almost as old as the enlightened society we have built Established by First Overseer Taadus, and maintained impeccably since his time, the Lomaust have never failed us in times of conflict.” -Texts of the Hajjus

Recent History (Abridged): In the past 100 years, the Xyrvid have made massive leaps and bounds in interspatial technology. They developed ships that could traverse solar systems with little to no regard for gravity about 70 years ago, and wormhole technology was discovered about forty years ago. Since that time, the Xyrvid have successfully colonised two different systems that proved viable for their race.

Power Scale

Military: 4 “Be prepared, and know, the strongest defensive move is to strike first.” -Overseer Kaidr to his offspring, 7476

Economy: 5 “The Xyrvid are one, each being is another cog in what must be an unbreakable machine.” - First Overseer Taadus, 6999

Technology: 3 “Progress in technology is the only way forward for the enlightened Xyrvid.” -Overseer Kaidr, 7456

Diplomacy: 2 “Few others seem to understand our complete devotion to our race, and that is unfortunate.” - Overseer Dekkarus, 7828

Culture: 1 “We are one species, of one heart, one will, and one body. In spreading the truth of what binds us only brings those more dispersed than us together, where they become a danger to us all.” - Overseer Cordus, 7055

The Xyrvid are a minor power.

Species Information:

The Preeminent Xyrvid Hives DiiarDu
Phenotype: Molluscoid

Average Height: 2.11 m

Average Mass: 75 - 110 kg

Average Lifespan: 94.386 years

Average Time Spent in Military: 72.33 years

Average Max Lift Weight: 300 N

Skeletal Structure: None

Gestation Period: 227 Xyrvid Days

Social Classes: (From biggest to smallest) Worker Group / Soldier Group / Management Group / Research Group / Scholar Group / General Group / Overseer

Species Wide Allergies: Salt, Citrus

Additional Notes: Requires significant amounts of water to remain moist.

Systems Controlled
Kollæra & Dertum - Home System
K-287 - Colonised
S-113 - Outpost

The Kollæra & Dertum System:
“While the names of our stars are remnants of stories long past, the many find a certain fondness in these names that cannot be overlooked. Even the Overseers Kaidr, Setva, Koll, and Eritus were known to report that they felt far more comfortable under the light of our parent stars, than in the cradle of our caves.” -Texts of the Hajjus

System Spectral Classification(s): Binary Gs

Important Satellites


Classification: Barren Planet (Uninhabitable)

Planet Type: Barren (Uninhabitable)

Orbital Distance: 80,782,850 km (.54 AU)

Planet Mass: 9.338 × 10^23 kg

Gravity: 5.88 m/s^2 (.6 g’s)

Rotational Period: 108 hours

Length of Day: 106-110 hours

Length of Year 32.2 rotational days (144.9 days on 24 hour clock)

Biosphere: Nonexistant

Atmosphere: None

Water: None

Average Day Temperature: 454 C
Average Night Temperature: -279 C

Natural Satellites: None
“Home.” -Overseer Omdiir, n.d.

Classification: Life Supporting Planet

Planet Type: Desert

Orbital Distance: 143,613,956 km (.96 AU) (Average)

Planet Mass: 5.85256 x 10^24 kg

Gravity: 10.44 m/s^2 (1.065 g’s)

Rotational Period: 19.8 hours

Length of Day: 19.4-20.8 hours

Length of Year: 422.48 rotational days (Average) (348.55 days on a 24 hr clock)

Atmosphere: Oxygen-Nitrogen Atmosphere

Surface Biosphere: Almost Nonexistent

Subsurface Biosphere: Massive

Fossil Fuels: Abundant

Greenhouse Gasses: Below Average

Air-Pressure (Average): .88 Atmospheres (89,166 Pascals)

Surface Weather Patterns: High winds, very low cloud coverage

Seasons: 1

Water Coverage: 0.01%

Tides: Yes*

Equatorial Temperatures
82.84 C Record High
-22.01 C Record Low
67.23 C Average Day Temperature
-11.00 C Average Night Temperature

Polar Temperatures
48.7 C Record High
-45.3 C Record Low
31.4 C Average Day Temp
-23.1 C Average Night Temp

Natural Satellites


Orbital Period: 78.42 Xyrvid Days (92.49 days w/ 24 hr clock.)

Orbital Distance: 756,000 km

Primary Moon: No

Size compared to planet: .004%

Gravity: 0.58 m/s^2 (0.06 g’s)

Orbital Period: 24.48 Xyrvid Days(28.56 days on 24 hour clock)

Orbital Distance: 369,000 km

Primary Moon: Yes

Size compared to planet: 1.433%

Gravity: 1.35 m/s^2 (0.14 g’s)

*Tides are not recognized due to the lack of large bodies of water

Classification: Gas Giant

Planet Type: Gas Giant

Orbital Distance: 1.69 * 10^9 km (11.3AU)

Planet Mass: 7.243 × 10^26 kg

Gravity: 13.44 m/s^2 (1.37 g’s) At top cloud layer

Rotational Period: 11 hours

Length of Year: 39.81 Xyrvid Years (37.99 years on a 24 hr/365.25 day clock)

Atmosphere: Hydrogen-Helium

Natural Satellites: Numerous, many with gem and iron deposits.

Asteroid Belt:

Classification: Asteroid Belt

Orbital Distance: 747,989,354 km (5 AU)

Metals: Yes

Planetoids: Very few
System K-287:

System Spectral Classification(s): M

Important Satellites

K-287-IV (Colonised):

"The colonisation of this planet was the result of an overzealous Overseer Dekkarus reacting to the discovery of FTL travel and wishing to expand the worlds of which the Xyrvid inhabit. This resulted in the colonisation of an unfavorable world. The poplation of the planet is highly controlled to prevent the suffering of additional Xyrvid until the mistake can be rectified." -Note, Recorded by Overseer Omdiir and sent to First Watcher Oldmur

Classification: Habitable Planet

Planet Type: Tundra

Habitability: 30%

Orbital Distance: 169,045,594 km (1.11AU)

Planet Mass: 5.293 x 10^24 kg

Gravity: 8.74 m/s^2 ( 0.89 g’s)

Rotational Period: 22.3 hours

Length of Day: 22.3 hours

Length of Year: 488.15  rotational days (427.14 days on a 24 hr clock)

Surface Biosphere: Weak

Subsurface Biosphere: Below-Average

Fossil Fuels: Few

Atmosphere: Thin Oxygen-Nitrogen

Greenhouse Gasses: Below-Average

Air-Pressure (Average): .33 Atmospheres (33700 Pascals)

Surface Weather Patterns: Light winds

Number of Seasons: 2

Length of Seasons: 244 days

Tides: No

Ice Coverage: 18%

Summer Equatorial Temperatures
22 C Record High
-31 CRecord Low
17 C Average Day Temperature
-25 C Average Night Temperature

Summer Polar Temperatures
-39 C Record High
-65 C Record Low
-48 C Average Day Temp
------ C Average Night Temp

Winter Equatorial Temperatures
-57 C Record High
-103 C Record Low
-83 C Average Day Temp
-92 C Average Night Temp

Winter Polar Temperatures
-107 C Record High
-131 C Record Low
------ C Average Day Temp
-113 C Average Night Temp

Natural Satellites


Orbital Period: 44 days

Orbital Distance: 137,270 km

Primary Moon: Yes

Size compared to planet: 2%

Gravity: 0.96 m/s^2 (0.098 g’s)

Classification: Gas Giant

Planet Type: Gas Giant

Orbital Distance: 792,868,715 km (5.3 AU)

Planet Mass: 7.8129 × 10^25 kg

Gravity: 8.15 m/s^2 (0.831 g’s)

Rotational Period: 18 hours

Length of Year: 12.79 Xyrvid years (12.2 years on a 24 hr/365.25 day clock)

Atmosphere: Methane-Ammonia Atmosphere

Natural Satellites: Numerous

Spectral Class(s): Type O Protostar

Important Satellites

Omdiir 005:

Object Classification: Space Station

Orbital Radius: 2,692,761,670 (18 au)

Status: Active

Constructed: 7851

Crew: 3,000/3,500 (2,000 ‘Full-Time’)

Self-Sustaining: No

Ships Stationed: 10 Corvettes

Purpose: To maintain a home for individuals constructing Omdiir 006, and provide scientific information about protostar S-113
Omdiir 006:

Object Classification: Space Station

Orbital Radius: 2,842,359,540 km (19 au)

Status: Under Construction

To Be Finished in: 7854

Construction Crew: 1,000

Purpose: Wormhole Station

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All right! Another desert empire with its roots in an apocalyptic calamity! We could be battle buddies.
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