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Post by Joe Joerson on Sat Apr 23, 2016 7:52 pm

Kha'ni Temporary Dominion
Empire Adjective: Dominion
Species Adjective: Kha'ni
Government: Divine Mandate
Current God-Protector/Ruler: Sra'ni
Ethos: Fanatic Collectivist, Spiritualist
FTL: Warp
Weapons: Missiles
Homeworld: Kha'to (Desert)
System: Kha'ro
Language: Kha'ni'ad
Description: The Kha'ni Temporary Dominion is a religious Empire dedicated to finding the "New Gods", (or the Gods). Kha'ni being the people who Search for the Gods. Temporary because once the Gods are found and verified they will rule the Dominion. The Leader of the Dominion being the God-Protector, ruling in the stead of the Gods, to defy the God-Protector is to defy the Gods themselves.

Kha'ni Temporary Dominion Kha-ni10
Name: Kha'ni
Adjective: Kha'ni
Traits: Sedentary, Communal, Rapid Breeder, Resilient
Ethos: Spiritualist, Fanatic Collectivists

Excerpts from the book of the New Gods: "...and they explained that they had to leave to protect them from Demons beyond the scope of the World. The Gods told the Kha to return their ancient ways for the course of one holy week, to be protected from the Demon's Wrath. So the believers did they returned to their caves and burrows beneath the sand, the apostate remained in their cities and when the Demons came with the burning of the sky, the apostate were stricken down. With their radios and devices they were stricken down. With their cities and homes they were stricken down..."

"...Sre found not Demons on the Star-flyer but found servants of the Gods themselves. The Servants of the Gods, told Sre what he must do and how he must do it. They told Sre of the radios and the cities and even the Star-flyers. They told Sre to unite his people and use these things to find the Gods. For they were not smitten by Demons, but instead fled to a place far beyond their reach. They told Sre he was Sre no more but Sre'ni, Searcher for the Gods. They told Sre the Kha were Kha no more, but Kha'ni the people to Search for the Gods. So the Search Began!"

Power Scale:
Military: 1 (Did the Servants of the Gods not say "Make no conflict on fellow sentients, for they are loyal to the Gods to have survived." ?)
Economy: 2 (The main purpose of goods and production is to continue the Search, excessive goods were one of the marks of the Apostate.)
Technology: 3 (Having support of the Servants of the Gods, in their efforts allowed them to advance past Stigmas of the Apostasy.)
Diplomacy: 4 (The Kha'ni are very Eager to send large groups of their people to communicate and learn of others. For new stories are always welcome to traverse the thoughts pools of their worlds.)
Culture: 5 (The Kha'ni thought pools are massive communication groups sharing and modify ideas into new things at an alarming rate. This accounts for their cultural impact, due to their religion and the thought pools there is purpose and always something new and exciting whether it be actually new or a new take on something older.)
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