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Light Roleplay Rules Empty Light Roleplay Rules

Post by Joe Joerson on Tue Apr 19, 2016 7:49 pm

Method of Joining: The creator of the post must state the what method of joining is necessary to join the thread Roleplay. Whether by invite, contact with the thread author, or free acess, it should be Stated.

Duplicated Roleplays:
RPs that deal with the same premise/subject are not allowed to run during the same duration of time. For example, two pokemon role plays. You cannot have two that deal with defeating Team Rocket and catching a Mewtwo as the plot, or anything of that sorts-- You yourself should be able to look at the RPs already in existence and determine whether or not the idea you had was similar or not. If it is, then don't post your RP-- it'll just be closed down.

Plagiarism: All original RPs must remain original. Copying someone else's RP (post) without their permission (plagiarism) is a serious offense that will not be taken lightly. This does not necessarily apply to Roleplays intended to continue where another Thread has died or stopped. Communicate with your Admin or Moderators to see if this applies.
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