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Septhi Worlds

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The Eternal Dynasty of Septhi with centuries of peaceful interstellar expansion have a fairly large empire of planets with an overarching aristocratic bureacracy, the core worlds of the Dynasty is refered to as the "Throne-Worlds" and under direct administration of the Sacred Queen herself, while in all other directions sectors of habitable worlds are dubbed "Lordships" under the administration of an Aristocratic Lord who must answer to the Queen and Parlament back in the Throne-Worlds.

Throne-Worlds: The Core Worlds of the Dynasty

Seat of Septhi: The Capital of the Dynasty, a large continental world covered primarily in Savannahs and Jungles, but the temprature varies greatly. It has large urbanised regions where the Septhi live, but a rural exsistance is still very common due to the planets size, currently houses 24 Billion Septhi, 60% of these situated around the Urban centers.

Eye of Adara: The first Septhi Colony, their first real step as an interstellar power about 300-400 years ago, a decently sized world with a highly varying temprature. Houses 8 Billion Septhi.

Spear of Morteph: An Arid planet with alot of industy attached as well as mining facilities, currently houses one of the Dynasty's main Royal Navy Dockyards in orbit. 4 Billion Septhi call it home.

Lake of Takeph: An Oceanic world with multiple islands, that are heavily urbanised, this is a pristine world considered a place of leasure and enjoyment, it also exports tons of food as fishing is abundant of local sea life. 6 Billion Septhi live here.

Crown of Nukash: A Jungle world filled with life, considered by the Septhi as the second capital, one of the previous Sacred Kings known as Nukash made it his home and moved alot of his administration there durring his reign. It houses 15 Billion Septhi.

Theres currently five frontier Lordships, they tend to be filled with mining colonies, science outposts, and 1-2 full fledged Planets, they tend to do colonisation on their own if they find suitable candidates for colonising.

The Lordships:

The Jasekhi Lordship: This Lordship is the furthest away from the Throne-Worlds and thus is currently ruled by a Lord-Explorator, tasked with mapping out this new part of space and beyond for the Dynasty, it has one Inhabited world housing 300 Million Septhi.

The Hashepta Lordship: This Lordship is an economic powerhosue of Dynastical space, filled with resources and trade, industy is booming and population growth is high. Has 3 inhabited worlds, in total providing 19 billion Septhi with homes.

The Maositi Lordship: This Lordship has nothing of real note, apart from alittle bit of everything, it has 2 inhabited worlds providing 4 Billion Septhi with homes.

The Hranka Lordship: A large Lordship, with alot of space with nothing in it, however has alot of science outposts studying the local Black holes which dominate that part of space, 2 inhabited worlds providing roughly 900 Million Septhi with a home.

The Ikashut Lordship: A small Lordship currently held by the Head of the Royal Army which is severely underused, regardless of this the Desert world and Artic world in the sector, still houses a few million Septhi, and provides military training for recruits of the Royal Army before they go to Garrison duty. only 46 Million permanent Residents live here.

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