Biology and Society of the Septhi

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Biology and Society of the Septhi Empty Biology and Society of the Septhi

Post by Mthis on Thu Oct 20, 2016 4:42 am

Abit in the same style as Joe did i wish to do somthing similar about the Septhi so they are easier to understand potentially, however for that i also wish to go abit into their biology as the 'feline' portrait for Stellaris dosnt give their appereance full justice as how i imagene them.

The Septhi are a Felinoid alien species, by that meaning they share many similarities with Terran Felines, but are obviously a completly alien evolution. However due to various reasons their Evolution caused their appereance to be very similar to a Terran Feline. They are Bipedal and walk in a way very similar to Humans, a fairly long and bushy tail extrudes from behind them, used for keeping balance durring climbs or other situations where it would be hard to get footing.

Septhi have 'claws' on their hands and feet however barely use them if at all, more than likely a remnant from their Early sapient days as hunter-gatherers. Helping with that is their ears, which are fairly larger than that of Cats, if with the same shape, this would lead to the Septhi having a good sense of hearing or rather a very sensitive sense of hearing as they can direct their ears in directions in the case of noise.

They are covered universally in a thin layer of white-fur sometimes with Greyish spots or stripes and other assortments of patterns dependant on etchnicity, why their fur is white on a world which is primarily Savannah and covered in thick rainforests around the Ecuator is a weird evolutionary path, however it may have been used to cool their body down on the Savannah from the Sun as the pure white colors reflects some of the Sunlight and thereby ensures the body stays cooler in a place with little to no shade.

One of the more intriguing things about the Septhi is their brain is highly 'advanced' comparedly to a Humans, able to do abstract thought and mental tasks at a way higher rate than an average human could ever achieve, this might also have led to them developing 'psychic' powers early in their evolution, as it appeared before their race even left their tribal stages Psionic abilities was seen as being 'touched by the gods' which the Septhi has takken with them to the Space-Age in form of their Priests and their complex pantheon of countless gods.

Septhi Society can be Complex much like their Pantheon of gods which is heavily cemented and entrenched in all walks of life. Back in their early history Shamanism was widespread with worship of a multitude of Gods which all 'impacted' the world through their Priests and thus the Divine was seen as reality, the fact that any tribe could 'prove' their gods exsistance through their priests led religious disputes to being at a minimum and a mutual culture of thinking that there must be a countless ammount of gods became a norm among the Septhi peoples that covered their world.

The Septhi as a race however did not share a name on their world, with each tribe or nationality named after the leading Dynasty of their respected tribe or nation. Which lends to the modern tradition of the Septhi in the Space-Age being named after the current leading Dynasty "Septhi". This again led to Royalty always being an important aspect of Septhi society, as the Royal was generally Priests as well, powerful ones truly 'touched by the gods' as the Septhi would say. This is evident even today as the Royal Line and much of the Nobility is very capable of powerful Psionic feats.

They believe this vaste pantheon of gods sees everything and subtly guides everything forward in their grand plan as they shaped the universe for all to marvel at as if it was a work of art and beauty, thus shrines and smaller religious objects is found almost everywhere on Septhi worlds and ships, stations, bases. This is to make the Septhi sure they venerate the Gods in all things. As to be expected Religious indoctrination happens all over the Society at all levels from birth and onwards.

Modern Septhi society is a Social-Democratic Parliamentary Monarchy with the Divine Monarch's word being respected as the word of law due to her touch to the Gods. Generally this means most internal affairs are handled by a democraticly elected parliament of Septhi politicians lest the Monarch wishes otherwise. Personal freedoms in society is highly ensured and the State provides for everyone to ensure constant economical growth by subsidizing new Industrial and Economical centers until they are self-sustaining. The Economy is a free-economy heavily influenced by worker-unions. This on a monatery scale is expensive, but thats where the taxation system works dependant on ones income, the more you earn, the more you pay in tax. Large companies pay a large percantage of their income yearly to the state as such that progress and societal development can contiue. Essentially the Septhi have a powerful Wellfare system in place.

Currently theres three major political groups within the Septhi society and Parliament:

The Sun-Touched, this grouping wishes to apolish the democratic parliament and put even more authority and power in the hands of the Monarch and Priesthood.

The Equalists, this grouping is currently in power and the most popular, a Social-Democratic group which wishes a strong Parliament and wellfare state, and to provide more equality for everyone, they have slowly been abolishing the priviliges of the Nobility and removing them from power with reforms, however they are in for ensuring the Monarchy and openly proclaim Her as a living god.

The Pursuers, this grouping wishes for a more decentralized state with less wellfare and insist on the Septhi spreading far and wide in the galaxy to experience the wonders of the Galaxy the gods laid before them.


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